Japan Association for International Health - Student Section

��Our History

In 2004, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare organized a suggestion and action program for the promotion of human resource development related to international cooperation.
Following issues were raised.
1st: Grasp the needs for human resource development
2nd: Gaps between the condition of the supply side and the demand side of human resources
3rd: Human resource development and application connected with the establishment of career pass

The establishments of an efficient system of human resource development and human resource allocation were suggested. ��jaih-s�� was founded considering these issues and suggestions by the administration officers of JAIH and students to support educational opportunity for students and to work as a bridge between human resources.

In November 2005, jaih-s was officially established as one of the organization of JAIH. At the same time, jaih-s implemented a survey about the student��s educational environment for international health, to grasp the needs for students and to create a concrete vision and directions for our activities.

jaih-s aims to connect people who are interested in international health ,and to provide an opportunity for students to stimulate each other. jaih-s will keep on developing our activities to achieve our mission.

��Our ideals

jaih-s (Japan Association for International Health, Students Section) is a student association that provides opportunities for students to meet, inspire each other, and learn together about international health.

��We strengthen the connection between students and professionals.��
Our activities are supported by the networks among people. We value not only our horizontal networks between students having same interests and goals, but also our vertical connections between students and advisers working in the front lines of international health.

��We create a distinct learning environment��
We offer a wide range of opportunities that cannot be provided only by university education, such as field works abroad, training camps, and holding sessions in the conference of JAIH (Japan Association for International Health). The details can be found in the descriptions for each activity.

��We welcome a variety of students studying in various majors to join our activity��
There are many non-medical professionals working in the field of international health. We expect various students majoring not only in health care, but also in politics, economics, environment, education, public welfare, human rights, and in other areas to join our activity.

��Our Activities

��jaih-s youth forum

This forum is held together with the annual meeting of JAIH. Many specialists and professors of international health assemble and announce their research at this meeting. Owing to the cooperation of the international health professionals, we offer the opportunity for students to study international health during this meeting.
Some students do not have a clear vision about their career path and are struggling to find their ways in the field of international health. In this forum, we provide various kinds of opportunity for those students such as holding lectures, sharing information between students and creating networks with people who have the same interest.
If you are interested, please join us��

��Field Matching

��Field Matching�� is a project that provides a chance for students to experience the fields of international health abroad where the international health professionals are actually working.
We found out from the survey, which was conducted at the establishment of jaih-s, that there are a lot of students who hope to study in the fields of international health but have no opportunities.

Owing to the cooperation of the professionals of JAIH, we started this ��Field Matching�� project in 2006. We have been offering opportunities for students to experience the fields of international health in various countries every summer and spring since then. Students are able to observe projects and medical facilities in the field, and may also take part in the activities held there.

The number of students who have joined the ��Field Matching�� project has reached over 170 since 2006 to 2012. The projects have been taken place in areas such as Asia, Africa, Middle-East and South America.
Since this ��Field Matching�� cannot be carried out without the support from the professionals and staffs, we expect students who are independent and eager to learn.

We believe that this ��Field Matching�� project contributes to the students by giving them the chance to experience the actual field in international health, as well as to the world by encouraging students to become experts of international health in the near future.
If you are interested in this project, we are waiting for your apply!

��jaih-s training camp

��jaih-s training camp�� is held once a year with the length of 4 days and with about 20 participants. This camp aims the participants to spend their time together and learn about international health.

In this camp, we hold a variety of activities including lectures, debates, workshops, and drinking parties with the cooperation of professionals that are working on international health. It will be a great opportunity to learn what kind of knowledge and skills are required to be engaged in the field of international health.

We expect students who are interested in international health but do not have any opportunity to learn, students who want further knowledge, or students that want to discuss about their ideas and dreams, to join this camp.


The jaih-s workshop offers an opportunity for students who are interested in international health. It targets a wide range of students including students who are newcomers to international health and also students who are eager to deepen their knowledge of a specific field.
We are able to carry out this workshop all over Japan and provide an equal learning environment for international health to students in spite of the areas in which they live. This workshop functions not only as an opportunity to study international health but also as a bridge to connect participants, lectures, and also jaih-s.

The workshops are carried out in order to support the learning environment for students and connect various human resources. We aim to promote the participation of students who have various backgrounds to activate our activities.
We also aim to provide opportunities for students that live in the province to study international health by holding workshops in each province all over Japan.

��Contents of our workshops
We have two kinds of workshops.
(1)International cooperation workshop
����International cooperation workshop��
(2) Original study meeting
The members of the workshop committee select the hot topic as the theme and create an original workshop.

��International cooperation workshop��
The international cooperation workshop was launched from the voice of students who have few opportunities to study international health despite of their needs. We would like to provide workshops for not only medical students but also non-medical students and offer opportunities to learn about various topics relating with international health. We provide knowledge and experience that cannot be obtained through the internet and encourage students participation through our workshops, which is taken place all over Japan.

��East/West Japan jaih-s regional youth forum

"jaih-s regional youth forum " is a youth forum for students who are interested in international health. It is held at the same time with the JAIH regional meeting taken place in East/West Japan. This meeting is organized once a year and many of the professionals engaged in international health will take part.
Owing to the assistance of these professionals, we organize this youth forum to give an opportunity for students who are seeking their future to be engaged in the field of international health.

��Interviewing project

This project aims to meet professionals working on the front line of international health��face to face and ask questions about their career experience.
Even if you are interested in international health, it may be difficult to have a chance to communicate with professionals directly. This will be a great opportunity!

You can actually meet the professionals and interview anything you are interested in or anything you have been wondering. You might be able to hear interesting experiences from them.
Why not become an interviewee?

By meeting professionals who are working at the front line of international health, students who are interested in international health are able to gain knowledge about international health. Moreover, it will motivate students and broaden their career options.


If you have any questions about jaih-s, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our e-mail address is hp��jaih-s.net. Please write your name and professional affiliation on the email.

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